If God is mythopoeic, man must become mythopathic.

Ethender Prix’s twin hearts were two curvaceous coils of streamlined flesh, eternally dueling vipers locked in mutual strangulation. Their convulsions did not result in a beat, instead functioning as a high pressure fluid jet that filled his body with bright chartreuse blood. Here each cell began its high velocity journey, and here it returned spent of its fuel, freshly painted a faded olive. The oceanic force of those pipes could have crushed ancient submarines.

I’m embarking on a new writing project that I expect will consume quite a sum of heartbeats in the coming months, so I apologize in advance if I do a poor job of maintaining my electronic presence. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to get a hold of me- I’ll continue to update to the best of my abilities.

The rubber glove, with its red exterior and green interior, when stripped inside-outingly from off the left hand as red, now fits the right hand as green. First the left hand was conceptual and the right hand was nonconceptual- then the process of stripping off inside-outingly created the right hand. And then vice versa as the next strip-off occurs. Strip it off the right hand, and there it is again.

That is the way our Universe is. There are the visibles and the invisibles of the inside-outing nonsimultaneity. What we call thinkable is always outside out. What we call space is just exactly as real, but it is inside out. There is no such thing as right and left.

Hofstadter Butterfly Effect Observed for the First Time | Physics | Sci-News.com
The Paradox of the Proof

I went searching for more uptempo music, as my workouts have become longer, when I fell in love with this artist. This is as groovy as it gets (and the classic sci-fi album covers are just perfect). This captures what I imagine it was like to interact with someone like Philip K Dick in their natural habitat and era.


Three goddesses (the only term which can describe their odd divinity) of unknown origin courted me in my dreams over the course of recent nights. None bear the appearance of anyone I know, but each left a powerful impression in their own unorthodox way.

One bore the symbols of medicine and warped the space around her, resulting in strange adventures that reminded me of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. There was an unknown tension between us, and we could not bring ourselves to be together (I lamented this even upon awakening).

Another had emblems of the planets and constellations scarified into her shoulders- her hair had streaks of copper and silver and was drawn into a ponytail. Her presence was fleeting, but powerful.We exchanged no words, only understanding.

The last was a creature teeming with energy and hope in her eyes, with two large braids of golden locks and a suit of space age armor. She revealed she was from another dimension, and could not stop to talk as much as we both wished, as she was frantically making phone calls to make it back to her own realm.

Fascinating things, those which the mind and soul invent in the absence of love.

mblackman said: Since it is inevitable for our stock and investment markets to eventually go completely digital, would it make sense to switch all commerce to digital AI overlords to evenly control the market, and eventually move to a governance of semi AI influenced politics and strategy?

Props for the awesome question.

My primary thought is this: If humanity is capable of programming an artificial intelligence wise enough to predict and control all commercial and resource markets, it seems incredibly wasteful to use it towards the ends of stock market exploitation. Even so, I think such power will be wielded the way you described, as predominantly speaking, this is already happening.

The business tech of the present is not really at a level of being called AI yet, but we are at the echelon of “Decision Support Software,” where businesses can actually offload all of their financial metrics and a computer system will draw out predictions, trends, and sometimes even give advice on a course of action. In this respect, corporate leadership can be reduced to an algorithmic process and perform surprisingly well- I know of many businesses that currently use this type of solution.

But let’s look ahead. What we should be cautious about is how these AI interact in their (un)natural habitat. If two of the same model are put into market competition, can they learn how to subvert one another, or will they conspire for a third party? To what degree of destruction will they go to in order to bring profit to their owner? Can they learn how to offset their own existence in the marketplace? What happens when one is set loose with a completely tangential motive (i.e. to sink the value of a nation’s chief exports)?

I feel pretty mixed about this concept- I don’t know how much better or worse off we would be, but I don’t see any kind of even control or stability happening as a result. Still, most AI-ruled political models I’ve heard spoken are socialist in nature, so this is a pretty novel approach overall.

The city is a fact in nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel or an ant-heap. But it is also a conscious work of art, and it holds within its communal framework many simpler and more personal forms of art. Mind takes form in the city; and in turn, urban forms condition mind.
The ideas that play the largest part in shaping our experience of the world and of ourselves are so deeply woven into the act of perception itself that we rarely if ever notice them until we run face first into their limits.